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Care Expert

18 December 2023   |   Gyrus Group

A 42-year-old gentleman had sustained a fall from which he had had a severe traumatic brain injury, requiring a craniotomy and evacuation of an extradural haematoma.

He had been through a long period of rehabilitation, though unfortunately, two and a half years after, he began to develop epileptic seizures. This proved to be a major setback in his recovery. He had been hospitalised and there had been bruising due to the seizures, but no displacement of the titanium plate that he had had implanted following his injury.

A neurologist and a care expert were instructed as part of the Gyrus Group team. Treating neurologists with interest in epilepsy and epilepsy nurse specialist became involved. A care plan was put in place, carers were trained in the use of the Midazolam, and a seizure alert mechanism was instigated to alert family should there be a seizure during the night. Given the high risk of serious consequences in a fall, a move to single-level accommodation was recommended. Medication changes, and appropriate care, resulted in a significant improvement in seizure control, and mitigated the risk of harm from seizures.