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Functional Neurological Disorder

6 December 2023   |   Gyrus Group

A Gyrus neurologist was instructed by a defendant legal firm regarding a lady in her 20s who had developed frequent non-epileptic attacks, seen as a part of a spectrum of functional neurological disorders. She had been involved in two minor injuries, and the onset of the non-epileptic attacks had occurred one week after the second injury. The legal team were facing a very high-value claim for an individual who was no longer able to work and was cared for by their partner.

The neurologist forensically examined the medical and DWP records, and demonstrated a clear onset of non-organic neurological symptoms and disability in the months before the second (index) minor injury. This served to challenge that the index injury was causative to the functional disorder. In the subsequent joint statement, neurological evidence accepted that non-organic functional symptoms were established within the records prior to the index injury.

It is reported that the instructing solicitors are happy with the final outcome.