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The importance of 3T MRI imaging

The role of advanced diagnostics in the legal assessment of patient impact

Working with medical professionals

Gyrus is a medically owned business. The framework supports brain injury experts across the range of specialism to deliver expert witness reports. The structure supports those new to the medical-legal practice and those with an established practice looking to build reputation, grow income and dedicate time more effectively.

Supporting medics

A bespoke package of support to match Consultant’s needs including a dedicated postdoctoral researcher

Training available

In house training on delivery of Part 35 compliant reports

A community of experts

Opportunity to join a network of professional leaders around the issue of brain injury.

A strong funnel

Gyrus offers established key relationships with Claimant and Defendant legal firms and insurers, ensuring consultants obtain instructions in high value cases.


Gyrus has an enviable reputation for providing the highest quality Part 35 compliant reports, built over many years working with the legal profession.


Mentoring is available including training and support to deliver robust part 35 reports and preparing for cases.

Typical cases

Expert witnesses give opinion on all aspects of brain injury. Part 35 medical experts are used by legal firms to determine the manner, cause and impact of brain injury on the individual. This will often be used in determining liability and compensation payments.

With purpose

Expert witness reports help individual patients to rebuild their lives and ensure their future after injury when injury has been caused by a third party. It can also help to correct causes of the injury in the first place – for instance workplace injury or employer negligence – which can change processes for the benefit of others.


Gyrus is run by medical consultants working in the public and private sector. Managing scheduling challenges are built in to the model. Navigating a strict legal environment requires experience and a deep understanding of process, which is why Gyrus offers mentoring, peer and research support.