Neuropsychiatry / Neuropsychology

Our world leading Neuropsychiatrists provide evaluation and treatment for emotional, behavioural, cognitive, and perceptual difficulties in the context of neurologic illness. Neuropsychiatric conditions include cognitive disturbances and psychiatric symptoms secondary to Movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Seizure disorders, Traumatic brain injury, Substance-induced disorders and Cerebrovascular disease, and our specialized team of neuropsychologists evaluate how brain injuries and conditions affect your behaviour, mood and thinking skills by determining a diagnosis, identifying strengths and weaknesses in your thinking process, understanding your personal risk for changes in your ability to think and developing a plan for future treatment and interventions like occupational or speech therapy.

“Our brains are the energetic core that generates our thoughts, feelings, and choices, So, in essence, we are our minds, and it is through our minds that we create the energy that drives our existence”